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Sep 22, 2018

Rose Lounsbury is a minimalism coach, Amazon bestselling author of the book ‘Less. Minimalism for Real’, speaker, and mom of triplets who helps people find freedom and peace of mind by letting go of the excess stuff that gets in the way.



Sep 17, 2018

Dr. Rod Tayler is a Melbourne anaesthetist with an interest in weight loss research and low carbohydrate diets. He has given many presentations on the subject of restricting carbohydrate intake for long-term health benefits to medical and other allied health professionals.


Sep 1, 2018

Angela is an expert professional image and personal stylist, she is the founder of StyleAngel. 

She is the author of 8 Ways to Look Fabulous, Taller and Slimmer and the co-author of the Amazon best-seller: The Real Woman’s Guide to Hair.

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